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European partners deliver first ‘FLY AI’ report on the current use and future potential of artificial intelligence in aviation

The European partners, among which IFATSEA, have published a report named "FLY AI".

This first edition of the ‘FLY AI’ report provides a timely review of the current use of artificial intelligence (AI) in aviation, and assesses its future potential to transform the sector. Produced by the European Aviation High Level Group on AI, a group set up after EUROCONTROL’s inaugural conference on AI in May 2019, the report pools the expertise of EUROCONTROL and a wide range of key representatives from all aviation sectors (airlines, airports, Air Navigation Service Providers, manufacturers, EU bodies, military and staff associations). It aims to advance understanding among aviation and air traffic management (ATM) actors of AI and its potential, to “demystify AI”, and to help accelerate its uptake in aviation. It concludes that there are a number of practical actions that could be taken to accelerate the development of AI in European aviation and ATM, which form the basis of a ‘FLY AI Action Plan’.

Download the report.

More info can be found here

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