EGHD 2018

Category: Social Dialogue Published on Monday, 11 February 2019 Written by LVE

In 2017, an Expert Group on Human Dimension (EGHD) was created by the EC, they tasks shall be to advise the Commission with respect to the implementation and development of the Single European Sky regarding all measures relating to human factors

The EGHD consist of trade unions, CANSO and International Federations, among which IFATSEA.

Please find the 2018 annual activity report here.

More details on the  EGHD can be found on the Register of Commission Experts Group.

IFATSEA has great contribution all these years, along with the other PSOs, in the works of this group.
Our role in this group is vital as we are considering all crucial matters, on the human dimension aspect, that will influence ATSEP.
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Costas Christoforou
IFATSEA Director Europe
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