Just Culture toolbox and Social Dialogue

Category: Social Dialogue Published on Monday, 05 November 2018 Written by LVE

IFATSEA participated in the creation a Just Culture toolbox to support the implementation of the EU Regulation on Occurrence Reporting (Reg. 376/2014) in ATM.

The Toolbox aims to foster a healthy and open reporting culture in ATM, and thereby create a Just Culture. This work ended by the adoption of the JC Toolbox by the EU in a conference of the ‘Reinforcement of Social Dialogue in ATM’ project in October 2018.

The project was conducted by CANSO in cooperation with its European social partners European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and Air Traffic Controllers European Union Coordination (ATCEUC).

IFATSEA like to appreciate the work of Mr Danilo Pisciottu, CANSO Manager European Regulatory and Social Affairs, for the coordination of this project.

Please read Mr Pisciottu's blog "Why aviation needs effective social partners" of 30 October 2018, concerning this project.

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