EGHD 2018

Category: Social Dialogue
Published on Monday, 11 February 2019
Written by LVE

In 2017, an Expert Group on Human Dimension (EGHD) was created by the EC, they tasks shall be to advise the Commission with respect to the implementation and development of the Single European Sky regarding all measures relating to human factors

The EGHD consist of trade unions, CANSO and International Federations, among which IFATSEA.

Please find the 2018 annual activity report here.

More details on the  EGHD can be found on the Register of Commission Experts Group.

IFATSEA has great contribution all these years, along with the other PSOs, in the works of this group.
Our role in this group is vital as we are considering all crucial matters, on the human dimension aspect, that will influence ATSEP.
Best regards

Costas Christoforou
IFATSEA Director Europe
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Just Culture toolbox and Social Dialogue

Category: Social Dialogue
Published on Monday, 05 November 2018
Written by LVE

IFATSEA participated in the creation a Just Culture toolbox to support the implementation of the EU Regulation on Occurrence Reporting (Reg. 376/2014) in ATM.

The Toolbox aims to foster a healthy and open reporting culture in ATM, and thereby create a Just Culture. This work ended by the adoption of the JC Toolbox by the EU in a conference of the ‘Reinforcement of Social Dialogue in ATM’ project in October 2018.

The project was conducted by CANSO in cooperation with its European social partners European Transport Workers’ Federation (ETF) and Air Traffic Controllers European Union Coordination (ATCEUC).

IFATSEA like to appreciate the work of Mr Danilo Pisciottu, CANSO Manager European Regulatory and Social Affairs, for the coordination of this project.

Please read Mr Pisciottu's blog "Why aviation needs effective social partners" of 30 October 2018, concerning this project.

European Social Dialogue

Category: Social Dialogue
Published on Friday, 16 October 2015

The reform of the European ATM will implies changes in working conditions for workers, including ATSEP's.

Therefor the European Commission has established sectoral dialogue committees by a decision of 20 May 1998 (98/500/EEC) , promoting the Dialogue between the social partners at European level.

On 20 December 2010, the European Commission has decided to create a specific expert group on the social dimension of the Single European Sky. This group will be consulted on all Commission proposals in the field of the Single European Sky having a significant social impact (Decision of 20 December 2010 C/2010/9016 pdf - 66 KB [66 KB] Deutsch (de) français (fr) ).

Further, staff are represented at different European levels, either as observer, either as representative.
IFATSEA has representation in: 

  • ICB: Industrial Consultation Body, has been created by the SES legislation to provide advice
  • EASC: European ATM Staff Representatives Conference, discussion platform with Eurocontrol DG and the Senior Managers.
  • EASA: European Aviation Safety Agency,
  • the different FAB's

Just Culture Europe

Category: Social Dialogue
Published on Tuesday, 06 October 2015

Europe - Major Milestone for Safety Culture and Just Culture



Air Traffic management partners in Europe sign declaration with European Commission to further improve aviation safety. Here Vice president Theodore Kiritsis signing for IFATSEA.


Safety incident reports submitted by staff are a valuable source of information for learning safety lessons, but to ensure organisations receive as many reports as possible, organisations must foster a ‘just culture’ in which staff know they will be treated fairly when they do report, including in circumstances where staff may feel concern that their report could potentially incriminate themselves because of their actions.


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