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As a per-requisite for requesting a license under Annex 1, was the development of an ATSEP Training manual, which was completed in 2004.

In 2004, through ITF, we invited the 35th Assembly to extend Personnel licensing and certification to ATSEPs A35-WP/198.

At the 36th Assembly in 2007, ITF and IFATSEA presented a joint WP on the Personnel Regulation as a tool to support Safety and security in Air Traffic Services A36-WP/210. More details in the REPORT OF THE TECHNICAL COMMISSION ON AGENDA ITEM 30 A36-WP/359

At the 37th Assembly in 2010, IFATSEA put it back on the Agenda Item 45: Next Generation of Aviation Professionals COMPETENCIES AND LICENSES OF AIR TRAFFIC SAFETY ELECTRONIC PERSONNEL (ATSEP) A37-WP/160.

In 2013, during the 38th Session, it is an ICAO member State, Indonesia, proposing to cover also ATSEP by the SARPS of Annex 1  A38-WP/151.
Agenda of the 38th AssemblyA38-WP/001

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