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Published on Saturday, 09 May 2020
Written by LVE
Dear colleagues,
Few months ago Hermes - Air Transport Organisation, Montreal, Canada  invited the IFATSEA European region to participate in a study around  Digitalization, AI in Aviation and the Human Factor.
The group formed by Theodore Kiritsis, Kostas Simaiakis, Carlos Viegas, Marinos Kardaris and me.

Please find at the link the Report that was produced by the Hermes Report Committee, on Digitalization, AI in Aviation and the Human Factor, where we gave our input. 
Also in the link you can find all submitted position papers received from ACAO, A4A, AACO, IFATSEA, ACI, JAA TO, ALTA, European Commission, AFRAA, ERA, IATA, AASA and EUROCONTROL.

Kind regards and ‘Keep the skies open!’



Costas Christoforou


IFATSEA Director Europe



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Category: links
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